SquidSoup & Hyundai present
SOLA: Tunnel of Light
Guy's Hospital, London

During the beginning of 2021, Splinter built a monumental steel structure for the ‘SOLA: Tunnel of Light’ immersive experience. Originally intended to be a much bigger entity, Splinter had to adjust the structure mid-construction to allow the tunnel to be two different lengths for the potential of installation in multiple locations.

Designed by SquidSoup and sponsored by Hyundai, the tunnel bathes visitors in an intense sun-like light. Aimed at recreating the pure joy of feeling the sun’s rays on your body, the experience was a reminder of the summer sun, and the light at the end of the Covid tunnel.




Guy’s Hospital, London



“Sunlight boosts our mental health by increasing serotonin and Vitamin D, improving our sleep and mood. It literally gives us a sunny disposition—something we all need just now!”

Paul Crawford, Author of Cabin Fever: Surviving Lockdown in the Coronavirus Pandemic