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Throughout the year Splinter Scenery construct a wide variety of theatrical sets of all shapes and sizes. Some elements such as Steeldecks and Stageweights are used in nearly every single production.

As part of our build we can hire items such as Steeldecks to keep your production cost down. Alternatively if you don’t require our build service but need to hire or purchase these items we can also offer this standalone service.

Take a look below for what we have to offer.

Vintage Theatre Lights

£300 each
£1,000 for all four

Polished and converted for UK domestic use, 240v.

Original Strand Electric Pattern23 theatre spotlights.

Decommissioned some years ago these spotlights were refurbished, polished and converted for domestic use.

They have been in the stores in my workshops for some years and as such are a little dusty! Would clean up easily.

Steeldecks & Other Staging Components

For all your staging and theatrical needs

At Splinter we have a wide array of Steeldeck available to hire or to purchase. Steeldecks are a vital component of a lot of theatre sets to quickly build a safe and secure platform. Within our stores we stock a variety of sizes in both imperial and metric measurements. We also stock accompanying items such as handrails, legs, adjustable feet and stairs.

Lady in the Van Vehicles

Custom built for the stage

Originally built for the Theatre Royal Bath’s 2017 production of The Lady in the Van, these three vehicles were custom built for stage use at Splinter. Each vehicle has been stripped of all unnecessary components to make them as light as possible, perfect for touring purposes.


Plain & Simple

Sometimes you just never have enough stageweights! Or they can be cumbersome to store. Well we have an area full of stageweights that we hire out perfect for your production, keeping costs down!

With over 20 years experience you can guarantee your show will be in good hands.