Manchester International Festival 2021
Big Ben Lying Down with Political Books

A monumental new work of art: Big Ben Lying Down with Political Books. At a huge 42m, the replica of London’s famous landmark is nearly half the height of it’s original, but is lying nearly horizontal and covered in 20,000 copies of books that have shaped British politics. The temporary art installation is the centrepiece of the firs Manchester International Festival (MIF) in the post-pandemic era, illustrating the ever-changing landscape of our world. Designed by Argentine artist Marta Minujín, the huge structure will be taken apart at the end of MIF with all books to be handed out to the general public in a three-day Book Redistribution Ceremony.


Marta Minujín


Manchester International Festival 2021

Piccadilly Gardens

“A joyful provocation to reimagine our national symbols and unite around democracy and equality”

Stephi Wild, Broadway World