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Keeping Busy!

Keeping Busy! 1680 1120 Splinter Scenery

We’re hiring We have an opportunity for a Scenic Carpenter to join the Splinter team in Manchester. A background in Theatrical scenic construction is essential for this position, if you…

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Are we seeing the return of theatre?

Are we seeing the return of theatre? 900 500 Splinter Scenery

Maybe, maybe not, certainly not what we are all used to. There are a few productions which have been cropping up across the UK in select venues. One of which…

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Splinter Workshop

We Are Open!

We Are Open! 2128 1416 Splinter Scenery

So, here we go, our first blog post. It has been a difficult year for the theatre industry, and the rest of the UK for that matter, but we all…

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