The Everyman Company's
Paint Your Wagon
Liverpool Everyman

The Rep seasons is back at the Everyman following the success of the 2017 season. Opening with Paint Your Wagon in goldrush era America.

After building the 2017 season for the Everyman we discovered that designing the set for the first show, from a construction point of view, is by far the most difficult. Not only does the Paint Your Wagon set need building but also all 3 following shows must be considered and all problems pre-empted.

Upgrading the floor design from plywood to timber was a key decision in making the setting for all 4 shows look fantastic. Distressed and aged to look like salvaged timber the floor will change throughout the season giving the perfect base to every set.

Many of the challenges for this set included converting the thrust stage auditorium into a theatre in the round, adding a balcony level to suit as well and matching architectural details exactly to blend our set into the space seamlessly.

Interested in seeing how this set transforms into the other shows in the season, take a look at A Clockwork Orange and soon The Big I Am


Jocelyn Meall, Molly Lacey Davies & Natalie Johnson


Everyman Theatre, Liverpool


Darren Juggins Photography Group