Billy Elliot
Sandnes Kulturhus

It is always great to do international work, especially one with a challenge, Billy Elliot for Sandnes Kulturhus in Norway fit the bill perfectly.

With a very large stage some of the set pieces were designed with a larger scale than some of our regular work. Two of these pieces were also flown, with a flying system unfamiliar to our team. Therefore communication was key throughout the process to ensure every detail had been considered.

The most challenging piece was the angled ceiling, designed to look like a suspended ceiling you would find in an office but with a large forced perspective. This then needed to split in two allowing one half to lower on to the stage for the actors to walk on top off. Therefore we had to design the piece to be lightweight, strong, adaptable and most importantly it needed to work!


Gjermund Andresen


Sandnes Kulturhus, Norway


Stig Håvard Dirdal