The Everyman Company's
A Clockwork Orange
Everyman Theatre

“It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.”

Or in this case, the lack of colour! As part of the Everyman’s Company Season, A Clockwork Orange arrived in such stark contrast to its predecessor Paint Your Wagon. When conceiving a repertory theatre of 4 shows, you may consider to keep the shows looking fairly similar, this is certainly not the case for Jocelyn Meall, Molly Lacey Davies & Natalie Johnson.

Moving swiftly on from goldrush era America, Clockwork drops the audience directly into a monochrome (sometimes ultra violet) dystopian future. Creating this look had its challenges, to keep the minimalist look we ensured that there were next to no fixings visible. Every item also required a sheen to it which required some carefully selected materials and finishes.

This keen attention to detail created a super minimal set that is very striking to behold especially with its UV party trick!


Jocelyn Meall, Molly Lacey Davies & Natalie Johnson


Everyman Theatre, Liverpool


Darren Juggins Photography Group

“a sterile cube-like construct, that is both striking and flexible, as a number of trap doors add momentum and depth to the world”

Liverpool Echo