Fiddler on the Roof
Everyman Theatre

25 years has passed since the last repertory season at The Everyman in Liverpool. The season is now back and with a big change to the theatre.

To create a bold new setting for the revival of the rep season The Everyman decided to change the thrust stage into the round, including the circle! This was our first big task. Everything we constructed was intended to blend perefectly within the existing space. Meaning that if someone had never visited The Everyman before our work would be invisible. To do this we worked closely with the production tem in getting all the architectural details perfect including brick walls, stained handrails, and laser cut steel fixings.

Now the space was ready we needed to build the show, but more importantly consider the following shows to ensure all would work throughout the season. Fiddler on the Roof had some fantastic rustic set pieces including barn doors, carts, tables, balconies and a band stand. However all of this can only really be appreciated when seen ion comparison to the following shows in the season. Take a look at the transformation made for The Story Giant and Romeo & Juliet also built by Splinter


Molly Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall, Michael Vale


Everyman Theatre, Liverpool


Darren Juggins Photography Group