The Story Giant
Everyman Theatre

As part of the Liverpool Everyman Theatre Rep Season, Splinter were asked to build this beautiful set. The home of ‘The Story Giant’ complete with a vast array of books scattered about a natural landscape with a large tree focal point.

A great set for us to develop our skills in producing natural textures of stone, moss, bark and even producing over 8,000 paper leaves. The centrepiece, a large tree with branches spaning the stage was built to support 2 actors climbing the trunk and also for all four branches to ‘break’ and then lift back into place.

Part of the beauty of this set and the other four sets in the Rep season is how they are built to break down and be erected with speed to ensure a quick turnaround between shows. Take a look at how The Story Giant can transform into Fiddler on the Roof & Romeo & Juliet


Molly Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall & Michael Vale


Everyman Theatre, Liverpool


Darren Juggins Photography Group

“The Everyman rep season’s design team has created its most ambitious and sculptural set to date”

Nigel Smith, The Stage