Are we seeing the return of theatre?

Are we seeing the return of theatre?

Are we seeing the return of theatre? 900 500 Splinter Scenery

Maybe, maybe not, certainly not what we are all used to. There are a few productions which have been cropping up across the UK in select venues. One of which is the ‘Educating Rita’ UK tour which recently opened at the beautiful open-air Minack Theatre in Cornwall. Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary production, Splinter were brought on board to build Patrick Conellan’s set. With the positive news of this production it is no wonder The New York Times picked up the story earlier this month.

Educating Rita at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall

Do you have any set requirements?

The Splinter workshop is now fully up and running with all relevant Covid measures in place. We are currently working on a few upcoming productions which we cannot wait to see in front of an audience. If you are looking for a quote, on a small or large production, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email. The Splinter crew are eager to keep up this momentum and drive the industry forward to put on more and more productions.

Steeldecks for hire

If you are in need of some staging, look no further. We have a large store of steeldecks in a wide variety of sizes, imperial and metric. All of our staging is made in-house to a very high standard and each piece is refurbished after each use. Click the link below to find out more about what we have available:

Illuminated clouds created for Camp & Furnace in Liverpool

Covid-19 precautions don’t need to be an eye-sore!

We understand that there is now a need for added precautions in front of house space to meet government guidelines. By now we are all getting used to large screens, dividers, and other precautions. Most of which that have been hastily installed in retail environments to ensure trading does not cease. This rapid response normally results in an ugly eye-sore that is not in keeping with the interior design of the space.

Moving forward, theatres need not follow suit. Splinter are at hand to build any Covid precautions you need in any shape, size, or style. The beauty of our theatres is at risk of being tarnished by ‘tack on’ screens. A more sensitive, but equally safe, set-up can be achieved very easily, with a little time, care, and attention to detail.

Take a look at the image above of a screen we built for Burnley College. Once painted, the screen will blend perfectly into its surroundings.

If you have anything that may need building, please get in touch to find out what we can provide.

All the best until the next blog/newsletter.

Stay safe.

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