Paradise Dreams
HOME Manchester

Splinter have worked closely with MMU and the Home Theatre to produce multiple shows for their 15-16 season. Paradise Dreams was a fantastic little versatile set that was to stage 14 one scene acts to build a picture of life and Tennessee Williams work.

The most challenging think of the Paradise Dreams set was the timescale, the whole set had to be drawn, built, painted and delivered to the theatre in 7 days. With a lot of teamwork and constant contact with the production team we were able to ensure a smooth workflow and get the set to the theatre on time.

Splinter always strive to deliver a high customer service tailored to the client, due to the client specifications the client wished to erect the set themselves. Taking this into consideration we ensured the set was built to be erected with ease and invited the production team to the workshop to dismantle the set to understand how it was built.


Lara Booth


HOME Manchester