La Vie Parisienne
The Royal Northern College of Music

Marking the 150th anniversary of the world premiere of Offenbach’s La Vie Parisienne the Royal Northern College of Music have put on a fantastic production with a very striking set.

Simone Romaniuk designed a vibrant, contemporary set with some beautiful pieces. The 5 columns that remain static throughout the show were an interested blend of materials that kept the weight down whilst still giving the right finish. Another nice detail was the flourishes of detail on the railings which also tied in with the lamp post brackets made from genuine railing components with a touch of theatrical flare.

Keeping the set modern and contemporary a few of the scenes included a variety of Escher like extruded picture frames / architraves that worked as both doorways and walls to hang painting from. The complex shapes created some head scratching & some 3D modelling to ensure they were all as the designer required and were also structural sound. Completing the set were 3 large doorways that were moved on and off stage via the use of an air castor system. This allowed the trucks to be pushed easily in place then the air could be released and would in turn lock the truck into place.


Simone Romaniuk


The Royal Northern College of Music


Darren Juggins Photography