Hampstead Theatre

Salford based A Taste of Honey brilliantly designed by Sammy Dowson has a plethora of textures and finishes. Working with Dowson before on Hard Times we knew that the detail of finishes was vital to producing what she desired. Some of the desired effects included: lino floor, timber floorboard, subsiding broken flag stones, well kept flag stones, concrete, brickwork, peeling wallpaper and slate roof tiles.

The set had to evoke a feeling of the characters being stranded within their social situation. Therefore the set is based within a circle giving an island like aesthetic to the basic form. This gave us opportunity to build some great curved brick walls using a combination of CNC cut components, carpentry and also fine sculpting by adding wear and tear to the edges.

Another experiment was how to create a geometric patterned line floor quickly without the painters having to carefully mark out each line. Again the CNC came in handy to gently score the surface of the MDF floor to give a delicate mark for the scenic team to work from.


Sammy Dowson


The Oldham Coliseum


Darren Juggins Photography


Ashley Martin-Davis


Hampstead Theatre


26 Apr – 1 Jun 2019

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“Sammy Dowson’s excellent period set, complete with peeling wallpaper and distressed furniture recreates the northern industrial squalor that Delaney was so keen to depict”

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