Hard Times
The Oldham Coliseum

Hard Times was a brilliant set to build. Set in the fictional town of Coketown and designed to feel like it could be a mill within Dickensian-era England or a dilapidated mill in modern times.

Designer, Sammy Dowson, has a keen eye for textures and finishes therefore throughout the process this was in the back of our mind ensuring that the right materials and construction methods were used to achieve the best finish. Designed on multiple levels the set had numerous floor finishes including rubble with a river like design stained with dye from factories running through, deteriorating stone tiles, ageing wooden floorboards and aloft it all a factory style gangway. The extra large dirty windows complete and house the space.


Sammy Dowson


The Oldham Coliseum


Darren Juggins Photography Group

“The set design is a real credit to this production and remains fixed throughout; the steel and mill windows serve well for the whole of Coketown and its varied inhabitants”

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