The Sign of the Times
Wigan Little Theatre

The Sign of the Times was an interesting concept. A pair of sign makers were to interact with large four foot letters and constantly re-arrange the letters (including standing them on their side) to create different words. Therefore the letters had to look robust enough to be a real sign but also be light enough to give to actors ease of movement. However, the icing on the cake was the idea that these letters needed to light up in whatever arrangements they were in. This would eventually result with the climax of Act 1 where only certain letters would illuminate to spell a desired word.

Splinter worked on developing a technique to achieve this with our qualified electrician. Through doing multiple tests in the workshop and constantly keeping the production team up to date with our progress we were able to come to the perfect solution. This allowed the letters to be simply placed onto a steel frame and at the flick of a switch the letters would illuminate, no plugs, no wires, perfect.


Peter Hall


Wigan Little Theatre


Nicholas Fairhurst