A Midsummer Night's Dream
Theatre Royal Bath

With a fantastic contrast to the playful A Midsummer Night’s Dream we built early in the year, this minimal, contemporary and very striking set designed by Jamie Vartan was a brilliant set to construct.

The design consisted of two settings with a stark contrast to one another. Firstly the clean, crisp and pure Athens with a white seamless setting followed by the dark depths of the forest illuminated by the ever present moon commanding the space.

Producing the huge sparse, seamless flown wall for Athens in conjunction with the four massive revolving columns whilst keeping them all light weight was a challenge. Also due to the sheer size of the moon paint job we decided to build the flats and paint the canvas separately on a paint frame. This also allowed the painter to create the desired effect requested by the designer. Using this method allowed us to roll out the canvas across the built flats and then when separated and brought together in the theatre would still produce a seamless design.


Jamie Vartan


Theatre Royal Bath


Darren Juggins Photography