The Last Five Years
New Wolesy Theatre, Ipswich

The Last Five Years was a great compartmental design by James Perkins that allowed the actors to move from setting to setting on the same stage whilst leaving plenty of space for them to us the stage. The design was compromised of a band stand, a stoop, a pier, a bed, a car & a boat.

The band stand with its elegant wrought iron style columns was all constructed in the Splinter workshop and built to ensure it could hold an entire band comfortably without any wobbling. Both the stoop and pier were built initially to a very clean cut geometric shape, these were then stressed thoroughly by our team by use of all types of materials and machinery to give a worn and weathered shape which was then further added to by our scenic artists which really gave an age to the pieces.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the design was the car and boat which both had to drive on and off the stage, operated by the actors. This was achieved by a lot of tinkering and re modelling of two mobility scooters which were stripped down, welded to, and built on top of to make the two items.


James Perkins


New Wolesy Theatre, Ipswich


Holly James