The Story Giant

As part of the Liverpool Everyman Theatre Rep Season, Splinter were asked to build this beautiful set. The home of ‘The Story Giant’ complete with a vast array of books scattered about a natural landscape with a large tree focal point.

A great set for us to develop our skills in producing natural textures of stone, moss, bark and even producing over 8,000 paper leaves. The tree as a focal point of the set worked brilliantly. This piece  was built to be able to support 2 actors climbing the trunk and also for all four branches to ‘break’ and then lift back into place.

Part of the beauty of this set and the other four sets in the Rep season is how they are built to break down and be erected with speed to ensure a quick turnaround between shows.

La Vie Parisienne

Marking the 150th anniversary of the world premiere of Offenbach’s La Vie Parisienne the Royal Northern College of Music have put on a fantastic production with a very striking set.

Simone Romaniuk designed a vibrant, contemporary set with some beautiful pieces. The 5 columns that remain static throughout the show were an interested blend of materials that kept the weight down whilst still giving the right finish. Another nice detail was the flourishes of detail on the railings which also tied in with the lamp post brackets made from genuine railing components with a touch of theatrical flare.

Keeping the set modern and contemporary a few of the scenes included a variety of Escher like extruded picture frames / architraves that worked as both doorways and walls to hang painting from. The complex shapes created some head scratching & some 3D modelling to ensure they were all as the designer required and were also structural sound. Completing the set were 3 large doorways that were moved on and off stage via the use of an air castor system. This allowed the trucks to be pushed easily in place then the air could be released and would in turn lock the truck into place.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast at the Liverpool Everyman is a pantomime full of whimsy with a fantastic design by Dinah England.

The paint job on this set really brought it to life. Our team worked on building the set for four weeks at HQ and then the set was shipped off to our workshop in Wales to be painted by a group of top quality painters. The set in itself was a combination of a strong interlocking steel structure to make up the upper level combined with multiple methods of construction for both static and flying flats.

Take a look at the virtual tour here and see if you can find the beast lurking in and around the set!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

With a fantastic contrast to the playful A Midsummer Night’s Dream we built early in the year, this minimal, contemporary and very striking set designed by Jamie Vartan was a brilliant set to construct.

The design consisted of two settings with a stark contrast to one another. Firstly the clean, crisp and pure Athens with a white seamless setting followed by the dark depths of the forest illuminated by the ever present moon commanding the space.

Producing the huge sparse, seamless flown wall for Athens in conjunction with the four massive revolving columns whilst keeping them all light weight was a challenge. Also due to the sheer size of the moon paint job we decided to build the flats and paint the canvas separately on a paint frame. This also allowed the painter to create the desired effect requested by the designer. Using this method allowed us to roll out the canvas across the built flats and then when separated and brought together in the theatre would still produce a seamless design.